Atlas of Dutch Southern Africa. Call for partners.

In line with the Atlas of Dutch Brazil and the Atlas of Dutch North America, the New Holland Foundation wants to start working on the Atlas of Dutch Southern Africa. In this case ‘Southern Africa’ means the region of the Republics of South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius and Saint Helena. Objective is to make an inventory of fortifications and defence works of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) built in the 17th and 18th... more

Atlas of Dutch Brazil

Since c. 1585 Dutch traders were searching the Brazilian coastline for trading possibilities in Brazil wood and sugar. In 1630 the Dutch West India Company even founded a colony they called New Holland that existed for 24 years. Together with Brazilian partners a historical and archaeological inventory is being made of all remains that refer to this Dutch period. The results will be presented on a website and in a... more


Atlas of Dutch North America

Since Henry Hudson discovered trading possibilities along the Hudson River in 1609, Dutchmen have visited the area. New Amsterdam, nowadays New York, became the exciting capital of a colony they called New Netherland. Together with American partners historical and archaeological research is being done to make an inventory of the remains from this Dutch Period (1609-1674). Results will be presented on a website and in a publication, so international bonds... more

Fort Orange Project, Brazil

In 2002/2003 the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs financed the excavations of Fort Orange, where researchers of the New Holland Foundation were involved. Parts of the originally Dutch fort of 1631 were discovered, like the entrance, the gun-powder room and the barracks. The Brazilian Monument Organisation IPHAN made a restoration plan, where these elements will be incorporated. For the restorations, starting in 2014, NHF will have an advisory role.

Groepsmigratie publicatie Lodewijk Hulsman

Dutch groupsmigration to Brazil (1822-1992) (in Dutch)

In 2012 a thematical guide was presented about the sources present in the Netherlands, referring to the Dutch group migrations to Brazil in the period 1822-1992. The project was a cooperation between the NHF and the Dutch Nationaal Archief in The Hague. This cooperation resulted in a connection with the Tulipana Project, where Brazilian sources about this period will be studied as well. Objective is to get a better understanding... more


Fortress project

In 2014 the Forts Project for making an inventory of Dutch defence works overseas took off. The pilot-project starts in Brazil and North America and will be prolonged in the future to other countries that have a common history with the Netherlands, like South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The results will be presented on the websites of the New Holland Foundation and the Atlas of Mutual Heritage.